Demand Estimation Using Regression

  The following is a one-page paper I wrote for my Managerial Economics class during my graduate studies. (Note: This project assumed zero cost. Essentially, the profit maximization can be viewed as revenue maximization).   Introduction In an effort to forecast 2013 demand for our Widgets, I have prepared this report outlining my proposed strategy for the upcoming year.  As is the case with any business, profit maximization is our main motive. Methodology Armed with sales Read more [...]

How has Amazon successfully dealt with book publishers’ channel conflict?

Background With the now well-covered Justice Department lawsuit against Apple and five major book publishers – three of whom have signed settlement offers – attention is now directed to the benefits of using the Agency model versus the traditional wholesale approach[1].  Professor Z. John Zhang of the Wharton Business School, who has done numerous studies in this area with co-authors Vibhanshu Abhishek, a current Wharton PhD student, and Kinshuk Jerath, a professor at Carnegie Mellon University, Read more [...]

Why are publishers fighting Amazon over prices?

Background When e-readers started to gain popularity in 2009, Amazon.com was the major player in this segment with the Amazon Kindle.  In an attempt to stop Amazon.com from accumulating too wide of a foothold in this relatively young, yet lucrative sector, publishers and consumer electronic companies banned together to fight Amazon.com (Altman, 2009).  According to Altman, Amazon.com “broke the digital market wide open in 2007 when it released the Kindle and offered thousands of e-books, including Read more [...]

The Definitive Drucker: Challenges For Tomorrow’s Executives

Click Here to learn more. “We need a new theory of management. The assumptions built into business today are not accurate.”-Peter Drucker For sixteen months before his death, Elizabeth Haas Edersheim was given unprecedented access to Peter Drucker, widely regarded as the father of modern management. At Drucker's request, Edersheim, a respected management thinker in her own right, spoke with him about the development of modern business throughout his life-and how it continues to grow Read more [...]

‘Get A Mac’ Ad Campaign 2007 (Year 2 of 4)

Starting in 2006, Apple Inc. launched its 'Get a Mac' television ad campaign. Over the next four years, they released 66 ads. Here are the 16 from 2007. 20. Sabotage (January 2007) 21. Surgery (January 2007)  22. Tech Support (January 2007)  23. Security (February 2007)  24. Computer Cart (April 2007)  25. Flashback (April 2007)  26. Stuffed (April 2007)  27. Choose a Vista (May 2007)  28. Genius (May 2007)  29. Read more [...]

The Future of Management By Gary Hamel Chapters 4 – 6

Chapter 4: Creating a Community of Purpose What are the key points for this chapter? This chapter describes the unorthodox management style of Whole Foods Market. The chapter begins with a brief history of the company and continues by describing the sense of community that exists among all employees due to the autonomy, responsibility, accountability and transparence that is so prevalent throughout the organization. What did I learn? Whole Foods Market is unique in the supermarket business Read more [...]

The Future of Management by Gary Hamel Chapters 1 – 3

Chapter 1: The End of Management? What are the key points for this chapter?  Management is a maturing technology. He argues that the “technology” of management has now reached a local peak, but has not gone to higher summits. Individuals born in the 19th century invented the most essential management tools and techniques used today. Are we truly satisfied with the status quo? It would be foolish to assume that after a mere century of progress, modern management has exhausted its own evolutionary Read more [...]