People come. People go.

The race seems long, but it’s really just a day.

And in the end, you learn the race was with yourself.


Don’t just trust yourself, trust your Self.

Fall in love with your soul.

Be you.


When I Was a Child

Someone asked me why I chose this song... When I was a little boy, no more than five or six years of age, I experienced something that's described in this song: "...When I was a child I had a fever My hands felt just like two balloons..." When in Iran, we were staying at the port town of Bandar Abbas, where my family owned a shipping business. I had an extremely high fever. I was up all night. I distinctly remember the fear in my mother's eyes as she would put a towel soaked with ice-cold Read more [...]

Wake Up!

The Internet has changed (and continues to change) the way we work, live and communicate. We can use it to connect in real-time with anyone on earth and solve many of the problems we face, taking humanity to the next level. Instead, we post pictures of our food, videos of cats, and hateful "political" speech directed towards anyone whose views we don't identify with. With the potential to connect and unify, instead, I see social networks flooded with hate-filled rants veiled as patriotic concerns, Read more [...]

A Lot

In a relatively short period of time, a mere 35 years, I’ve seen a lot. I’ve done a lot, built a lot, lost a lot, met a lot, and loved a lot. I’ve seen a lot of people come. I’ve seen a lot of people go. Yet, through it all, I’ve learned a lot. I’ve taught a lot. I’ve learned to built for others’ benefit. I’ve learned to forgive. I’ve learned to laugh. I’ve learn to love. I’ve learned to be free. In short, I’ve learned to be me.



You, too, have a reason for being. Whatever else may be your specific calling or profession in life, the ultimate reason for being is to love, to set life free, to balance your karma and to attain reunion with God. How, when, why, where and with whom you’re going to do this remains for to discover…


Return to Yourself

What a tragedy… we’ve been conditioned to look for love, to look for peace, to look for happiness… when the fact is that love, peace and happiness are our natural state of being. Break the cycle. Return to yourself. Be love. Be peace. Be happy.