Demand Estimation Using Regression

  The following is a one-page paper I wrote for my Managerial Economics class during my graduate studies. (Note: This project assumed zero cost. Essentially, the profit maximization can be viewed as revenue maximization).   Introduction In an effort to forecast 2013 demand for our Widgets, I have prepared this report outlining my proposed strategy for the upcoming year.  As is the case with any business, profit maximization is our main motive. Methodology Armed with sales Read more [...]

How has Amazon successfully dealt with book publishers’ channel conflict?

Background With the now well-covered Justice Department lawsuit against Apple and five major book publishers – three of whom have signed settlement offers – attention is now directed to the benefits of using the Agency model versus the traditional wholesale approach[1].  Professor Z. John Zhang of the Wharton Business School, who has done numerous studies in this area with co-authors Vibhanshu Abhishek, a current Wharton PhD student, and Kinshuk Jerath, a professor at Carnegie Mellon University, Read more [...]

The Severed Garden by Jim Morrison

Wow, I'm sick of doubt Live in the light of certain South Cruel bindings. The servants have the power Dog-men and their mean women Pulling poor blankets over Our sailors I'm sick of dour faces Staring at me from the tv Tower, I want roses in My garden bower; dig? Royal babies, rubies Must now replace aborted Strangers in the mud These mutants, blood-meal For the plant that's plowed. They are waiting to take us into The severed garden Do you know how pale and wanton thrillful Comes Read more [...]

Why are publishers fighting Amazon over prices?

Background When e-readers started to gain popularity in 2009, Amazon.com was the major player in this segment with the Amazon Kindle.  In an attempt to stop Amazon.com from accumulating too wide of a foothold in this relatively young, yet lucrative sector, publishers and consumer electronic companies banned together to fight Amazon.com (Altman, 2009).  According to Altman, Amazon.com “broke the digital market wide open in 2007 when it released the Kindle and offered thousands of e-books, including Read more [...]