Kundalini Yoga in Glendale, CA

Kundalini Yoga & Meditation as taught by Yogi Bhajan® Join me every Saturday morning as we journey into the healing and strengthening power of Kundalini Yoga and Meditation as taught by Yogi Bhajan®. To learn more about this class, please visit yogiarvindpal.com. Read more [...]


People come. People go.

The race seems long, but it’s really just a day.

And in the end, you learn the race was with yourself.


Don’t just trust yourself, trust your Self.

Fall in love with your soul.

Be you.


Bringing Clarity and Transparency to the Real Estate Offer Process

Far too often, real estate agents receive a bad name due to the unscrupulous acts of a few bad apples. The majority of real estate agents I know are honest, hard-working individuals who have the best interest of their clients in mind. Then why is it that when I speak to homeowners, they often complain about the difficulty of trusting real estate agents - their complaints often accompanied by first or second hand stories of how an agent once withheld an offer costing them or someone they know tens Read more [...]

A Revolution of Love

Evolving beyond the ego
A concern for the ‘other’
From conflict and competition to cooperation
From nationalism to humanism and beyond…
embracing all life

A revolution of love


Mona Lisa

http://youtu.be/SCBLJyIrMik You're the last of your kind, Mona Lisa With a wink of your eye, Ya make it all right Oh there's more left to life, Mona Lisa Let me take you along for the ride ain't nothin' that stays the same Won't ask it a' you Just that burgundy smile you wore yesterday Say ya won't ever lose I been down, I been worse Mona Lisa Came in last, came in first But it all gathers dirt, Mona Lisa ‘Fore ya bathe in the light ain't nothin' that stays the same Won't ask it a' you Just Read more [...]

And then this happened…

December 2013…

As I walked out of my office building, a Buddhist Monk approached me and, in his very broken English and the aid of some hand gestures, was able to tell me that he saw me as a “good force” – before giving me a bracelet. He then proceeded to tell me that I will live in peace…


Nothing Lasts Forever

Nothing lasts forever No one lives forever Keep that in mind, and love Our life is not the same old burden Our path is not the same long journey The flower fades and dies We must pause to weave perfection into music Keep that in mind, and love My beloved, in you I find refuge Love droops towards its sunset To be drowned in the golden shadows Love must be called from its play And love must be born again to be free Keep that in mind, and love My beloved, in you I find refuge Without Read more [...]

Love Poem by Rumi

In the realm of lovers There is only one beloved In this realm of lovers There is no coming nor going Lovers wander Looking for each other There is no need for this wandering The soul of lovers Lives in a place beyond time The one beloved Searching for herself in the other Let us become passionate lovers Lovers in life Lovers in death Lovers in the tomb Lovers on the day of resurrection Lovers in paradise Lovers forever If you have not known this love don’t count Read more [...]

When I Was a Child

Someone asked me why I chose this song... When I was a little boy, no more than five or six years of age, I experienced something that's described in this song: "...When I was a child I had a fever My hands felt just like two balloons..." When in Iran, we were staying at the port town of Bandar Abbas, where my family owned a shipping business. I had an extremely high fever. I was up all night. I distinctly remember the fear in my mother's eyes as she would put a towel soaked with ice-cold Read more [...]